About us

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Eleven 24, like many babies, was born during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Founder, Kierra, was drawn into all the home DIY projects that social media was influencing everyone to do, but regularly fell short of accomplishing anything. First there was her flower bed- RIP. Then, it was Marie Kondo organizing. Last up was decorating, a process that she had started and stopped several times due to the overwhelming nature of visiting Pinterest for inspiration and then trying to recreate a look. 

That's when it dawned on her. On this particular topic, she didn't live on the edges. She didn't want to pay thousands of dollars to hire a decorator, but she also didn't feel her effort was well spent trying to decorate on her own. There needed to be a solution for the people in the middle who wanted a nicely decorated home with the ease of a personal shopper, but at a moderate price tag. 


Curated Bundles 

Each themed bundle allows you the flexibility to grab only what you need or take it all. Our full bundles are the best value and can contain items such as wall art, throw pillows, tabletop accessories, and blankets. The bundles include a mix of high and low items which makes it affordable. We also try our best to include a a piece or two from minority-owned, small businesses. 

When you decide on what you need, simply check out and wait for your bundle to arrive at your home. 

Packaged along with your decor will be guided instructions on how to bring your space to life with Eleven 24 Decor.